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We are independent financial advisors that provide timely and actionable investment research to Pan-European clients. Our research covers global equities, indices, sectors, FX & exchange traded funds. Our proprietary algorithms derive clear and precise trading signals using techniques such as signal analysis and portfolio backtesting.
Latest News
11 Dec 2012Enhancements
We have now released our Correlation Algo into our product offering. This algo identifies the most highly correlated technical factors to future asset returns and enables us to compute projected asset prices on a variety of prediction windows. Please contact us for further information.
27 Aug 2013Platform Upgrade
We are pleased to announce that we have now released our new web platform that combines our Signal and Correlation algos together into one portal. Our coverage has also been extended to cover Equities, Equity Pairs, Commodity Futures, Commodity Pairs & FX. For further information on our products and coverage, please contact us.

Research Coverage
Our research approach is focused on the analysis of market data and trading patterns which we apply to most asset classes. We are currently providing investment research on global equities, indices, ETFs and FX and we can increase our coverage to match the needs of our clients.
Our Research

For each asset under coverage, a score is calculated based on the users specific trading criteria and the signals that are firing today that meet the users trading criteria. A positive score indicates that there is a net positive number of long signals firing today, and in that case the summary box is coloured in green. Likewise, red coloured summary boxes relate to assets with negative scores - i.e. those with a net number of short signals firing today.

For every asset under coverage that has signals firing today, we provide our clients with:

  • Complete details of all the signals that are firing
  • The precise trading criteria, including investment horizons, stop loss control and target prices for trading the signals
  • A statistical analysis of the success rates of the signals on the assets concerned which we use to confirm that the signals are reliable and have a proven track record.

How can I sign up for this service?
Our services are available to UK investment professionals only. Payment for this service can be via an agreed monthly subscription or via CSA. If you would like to meet with us so that we can explain our products and service to you, please contact us at clientservice@algorithmicresearch.com and we will be pleased to meet with you.

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